2002.09.15 Andy Lau was secretly in love with Idy Chan
[Apple Daily] In the circle for so many years, the reporters always asked me which actresses leave me deepest impression. Actually be it male or female, they have different styles. Every collaboration gives me a different feeling. If I really have to talk on the actresses, there are 5 that leave me with deepest impression : Idy Chan (Yuk Lin), Maggie Cheung (Man Yuk), Cherie Chung (Chor Hung), Mou Liao Ren & Zhu Ling Ling. Out of the 5, Idy Chan, with whom I filmed TVB Series "Return of Condor Heroes", was the one I ever had been in love with secretly.
Lian mei ( Idy Chan) , I have talked on her many times before. This "gugu" is just like a fairy from heaven. She is the first one & the only one that makes me feel love on screen & off screen. The drama was unreal but the feeling was real. I really thought I was Yang Guo at that time, the thing I wished the most everyday was to start work, because when work started, I could see my most beloved gugu. Yang Guo had his arm chopped off, I thought I could also had my arm chopped off just for Lian mei. In the story she was my most beloved gugu, but what a pity that off-screen she was already taken. I could only love her secretly. After filming of "Return.." was completed, there was long time I was busy, I felt very lost, thinking of her a lot.

Thanks Andy Town for the translation.