2003.02.17 Idy Chan elected as Andy Lau's "Ideal Lover"
Two days ago, Chinese Lantern Festival or Chinese Valentine's day, 15th day of first Lunar month, Andy Lau Tak-Wah decided to spend his time with his 500 fans in his fans club. Before that, Andy went to a Chinese Valentine party organized by RTHK. In the party, they played a game with the audience called "Guess Andy's Lover" to choose the best valentine for Andy. The audience were told to vote an ideal lover for Andy from the circle -- Idy Chan Yuk-Lin, Rosamund Kwan Chi-Lam & Sammi Cheng Sau-Man. The vote results as Idy got 1st place, Rosamund is 2nd, and Sammi got 3rd. Andy has said before that his dream lover is always Idy. RTHK invited Idy as a special guest to give Andy a suprise. When Idy appeared, and when both saw each other, both were really exciting. Andy was very delighted, then presented her with flowers kneeling down. They held hands as Andy sang a love song. Andy praised Idy is as beautiful as before. Andy was very caring, even escorted her to the car when she left. It proved that their "affection" over the years never change.

Segment on 2003-02-12 audio

Segment from live show on 2003-02-15

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TVB Starbiz on 2003-02-17 #4 video
Special Thanks to Ben and Andy Town for the translation.