2003.08.04 Jin Yong only likes Andy Lau TW & Idy Chan YL acting for "Return of Condor Heroes"
[Apple Daily] Famous sword-fighting novelist Louis Cha [Jin Yong / Gum Yung] has criticized Nicholas Tse [son of Patrick Tse Yin] is unfit to act as Yang Guo in his famous novel The Return of Condor Heroes [ROCH], as he is a flirt. In a recent interview, he also attacked Chang Yimou's movie Hero. He hates it the most as Chang made the tyrant Qin Emperor as a hero , opposite to history, this is cheating the audience. It is a ridiculous movie.

He also dislikes Tsui Hark saying Tsui does not know wuxia, he filmed Shu Shan Legend in a mess, he also altered Louis Cha Xiao Ou Jiang Hu [aka Smiling Proud Wanderer]. From now Louis Cha will not sell him his novel for filming movies. But he likes Lee Ang "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" claiming he is one who knows movies.

His comment on the actors today: he does not like most of them . He has difficulty to continue watching the TV serials given to him after a few episodes. Hitherto, he only likes the version of Return of Condor Heroes acted by Andy Lau TW & Idy Chan YL. This version of Yang Guo & Little Dragon Lady suits his taste of storyline. The other one that he finds satisfaction is Qin Long Emperor acted by Adam Cheng SC [in Legend of Book and Sword 1976]

Thanks to Andy Town for the translation.