2005.06.11 ROCH still tops of classical dramas
HK sina.com held an online poll for viewers in HK & mainland to pick a hit chart of classical soap operas in all the years, including the most popular female lead, male lead, the role the theme song, & others. In the last 2 weeks, 95,000 over votes were received. The results show Chow Yin Fat ascends the throne as King of male lead while Lisa Wang the Queen.
Chow with 3000 over votes beat Adam Cheng & Andy Lau, gathering 2 1/2 fold of voters. Adam lost by a mere 10 votes. Andy is at No 3 spot. Lisa Wang leads far ahead of 11 others, gathering 4 fold of the votes.
Though the late Yung Mei Ling had left fans 20 years, in many of the categories she won votes far ahead of others, in The Classical TV Drama Role, as Huang Rong in The Condor Heroes, beat Chow Yin Fat as Xu Wen Qiang in The Shanghai Bund & Adam Cheng as Ting Xue in Great Era, to become the winner.
Voted by 17,870 people, Return of the Condor Heroes by Andy Lau & Idy Chan became the top Classical Drama Series in the 80s, beating The Condor Heroes by Felix Wong & Yung Mei Ling with only 13 votes.
Take It easy by Adam Cheng won the Classical Dram of the 90s . War & Beauty is unopposed as the Classic of the Millennium. Until 12 noon yesterday, the Classical Theme Song are between 2 songs, Who Can Change & Dave Wong's No Regret , with a difference of 4 votes.
The Classical Dialogue comes from Stephen Chow in The Final Combat, "Sip a cuppa, eat a bun" voted by 4 folds of votes, far ahead of all others. Special Thanks to Andy Town for the translation.