2006.06.06 Andy Lau: Chan Yuk Lin is the best to hug
Qiu Kai Min, Yang Chen co hosted a RTHK radio prg called 'Eva Maria', a poll named 'Most like? in a man' was held recently . Andy who has a clean-cut image & adored by fans snatched 3 of the categories, namely, "the one like to hug the most", "the one like to get married to the most" & "the most talented man". Andy at the awards presentation yesterday, hugged both hosts left & right, fans of Andy must be very envious of them.
Andy then talked about the female artistes that he had hugged before, he having filmed in more than 100 movies, he had lost count on the number of actresses that he had hugged, but the most special being Idy Chan [Yuk-Lin], he said: "Although she put on a brave front, when I hugged her, she treated me as if I'm her boyfriend, she lied herself like a little cuddly birdie on my body, she's dissolved in my hug." Special Thanks to Andy Town & AndyLauSounds for the extracted content of the translation.