2006.08.14 Jin Yong words created an online war of ROCH adaptations, Andy Lau voted the most beloved Yeung Gor
[Apple Daily] The Condor Heroes, a classic novel written by Jin Yong was made into movies & TV serials time & again, including Andy Lau & Idy Chan in '83, & most recent Huang Xiaoming & Liu Yi Fei. Jin had indicated that he prefers the Yang Guo played by Andy, he feels that Huang Xiaoming of the current release is too glib , as if seducing the Little Dragon lady. His words invited a war of debate online, most feel that the one played by Andy is most classic, they feel that Huang lacks the character of Yang Guo, appears to be loose, but compared to Louis Koo of '95 version, his is better.

Among them are fans of Huang, saying that all the criticisms are fans of Andy who are jealous, purposely maligning Huang, Andy fans feel that though Huang has tried his best, he fails to win hearts, as Andy has been deeply rooted in the masses. A war of words among fans ensued.

On being praised by Jin, Andy through phone, said, "Many thanks to Charlie the swordsman agreed to let me play this role. Many people wanted this role very much at that time, I read the book beforehand before audition, when I saw Yang Guo's arm was chopped off, there were very few body doubles in TVB, at home I practiced very hard on how to fight with one arm, somersault, by wrapping up the other arm, finally I got it. Actually the cast of my version was v well selected. Idy was very suitable to act little Dragon lady, very outstanding." On the online war, said Andy, "Why quarrel on this, each has its own good, everyone puts in effort, should be respected."

Special Thanks to Andy Town for the extracted content of the translation.