2007.02.07 QianLong Culture Feature - Andy Lau's affection for Idy Chan still lingers
Photo: Andy Lau at age 22
22 year-old Heavenly Lau graced the front cover of Ming Pao Weekly for the first time, what was not lacking of course was some rumor as headlines: Andy in love with Idy Chan secretly.

Photo: Idy Chan
At that time Andy was so young, he still had a baby face, who will ever had thought he could continue to stay popular till today. Because he was so immersed in shooting of The Condor Heroes, it was rumored that he had fallen in love with Idy secretly, until today, recently when he was asked on the image of a beautiful lady, his first reaction is still Idy Chan, the green onion love of the younger days still lingers...

Special Thanks to Andy Town for the extracted content of the translation.