2007.05.05 A orderly review of all versions of Yeung Gor + Little Dragon Girl
What is love, O mortals? It binds two hearts that death cannot tear asunder. The love between the teacher-disciple, Yeung Gor (YG) + Little Dragon Girl (SLL), is for both in life & in death.
Actually, in all these years there are many generations of this pair of love birds combination. While everyone remembers Andy + Idy, & the most recent Huang Xiaoming & Liu Yifei as classics, there are other combinations. Here are 8 pairs that are worthy of recollection. The earliest was by Jia TV (no longer existed) era, big-eyed girl Lee Tung-Ming was paired with Law Lok-Lam in the 70s TV serial. Law now acts in the older roles while Lee had quit the circle.
This was followed by Taiwanese actress Vivian Fan & action movie star Meng Fei, this is more alienate to the Hong Kong people.
The third version was by Leslie Cheung & Yung Ching Ching in a movie. Pretty Gor Gor is the most handsome of all Yang Guo.
Next is by Andy Lau & Idy Chan, this is the most classic combination. Andy's chubby look coupled with the appeal of Lin Mui, who looks like belonging to another immortal worl, is definitely the best of all the picks for the Condor Heroes teacher-disciple pair.
Louis Koo & Carmen Lee under the pressure of previous jaded couple, were still able to etch a mark for themselves, this is indeed not easy.
The famous lover cum partner pair in Singapore, Fann Wong & Christopher Lee had also filmed the TV serial, this too was a record hit.
The least mentioned pair was that by Richie Ren & Jacqueline Wu the Taiwanese combination. It is not as convincing to get Richie to act young.
The most recent pair by Huang Xiaoming & Liu Yifei from mainland China, with added special effects, this has not failed to disappoint, thus, be it in mainland or HK, it has a new generation of supporters.
We (the team of Ming Pao entertainment) has gathered the touching scene on the 3 generations of YG + SLL, Andy + Idy, Louis + Carmen Lee, Huang Xiaoming + Liu Yifei, when they met again 16 years later from YouTube.
The first two are quite similar in handling, while the latter has made some alternations, take a look, see which one you like the most? Special Thanks to Andy Town for the translation.